Lessons Learned for Achieving a Materials Petal

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is a rigorous certification governed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), an organization setting stretch goals that exceed all existing third-party certifications. To earn ILFI’s Petal certification, a building must meet the requirements for three of the seven petals—one of which must be Materials, Energy, or Water. The Materials petal is said to be the most challenging: it requires intensive due diligence to ensure no Red List materials are utilized on the project. HITT promotes transparency during construction, and as a general contractor, using healthy materials not only benefits the building occupants, but is also safer for the subcontractors that install them.

Living Building projects represent our responsibility to build for the highest level of regeneration. At Co|Lab, we are sharing our lessons learned throughout the process of seeking certification.

“The time investment required is nearly a full-time job, so it is crucial to allocate adequate resources for overseeing the certification.”

Below are a few best practices we learned during construction as we seek our Materials petal:

As of this posting, Co|Lab is still undergoing material due diligence and working towards earning this stringent petal certification.

David Sherdil, Assistant Project Manager, HITT Contracting

Katie Rothenberg, Vice President, Sustainability & Innovation, HITT Contracting